American English Coonhound ( Dog Breed Complete Guide 2022 )

American English Coonhound: The English Coonhound, also known as the Redtick Coonhound or the American, is a dog originating in the Southern United States. It is known for its loyal, devoted nature. This breed has the highest lifespan of any dog in the world. Today, there are wide varieties of the English Coonhound, from miniature to large toy sizes. To learn more about this breed, please read on.

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Breed standard

The American English Coonhound is a highly active and energetic dog that needs daily exercise. Due to its prey drive, the breed should never be let off the leash in an uncontrolled environment. These dogs need plenty of activities to stay healthy, fit, and happy. American English Coonhounds do well with children and other household pets, unlike many other breeds. Despite their high energy level, young American English Coonhound puppies should never be left alone for prolonged periods.

The American English Coonhound is a medium-sized dog that is well-muscled and has a long snout. The breed is excellent for hunting raccoons and other small mammals. This sly and energetic dog breed is perfect for families but unsuitable for apartments. Coonhounds should not be cooped up for extended periods, as this could lead to problem behaviors.

Physical characteristics

A good watchdog, the American English Coonhound, is highly territorial and alert. It barks at intruders to scare them away. Unfortunately, they lack the aggression necessary to serve as guard dogs. Vulgarity in the breed is considered a fault, but this does not mean that the American English Coonhound lacks instinct. The species is an excellent hunter and tenacious watchdog.

The American English Coonhound has a short, dense coat that sheds little. This coat requires occasional brushing and bathing, but only when it gets muddy or needs a bath. This dog requires a lot of exercises, so it does not do well in an apartment or small room. However, its floppy ears and long legs can handle heat and cold without any issue.

Health issues

The American English Coonhound has some unique health problems. It is prone to ear infections, hip dysplasia, polyradiculoneuritis, and progressive retinal atrophy. Some of these issues can be prevented by routine medical exams, which are especially important for your dog’s health. Hip dysplasia is a degenerative disease of the hip socket, which can cause arthritis in the joints.

Aside from being an adorable pet, the American English Coonhound needs daily exercise. They should be trained to walk on a leash when they are outside. Unlike other breeds, they are more likely to attack predators. While they are generally healthy and have a long lifespan, some health issues can be prevented or managed. A proper diet and exercise regimen will keep the coat and skin looking healthy. This breed sheds a bit, but not excessively.


If you’re looking for information about the health of this breed, you’ve come to the right place. While this breed is generally healthy, it is susceptible to certain diseases, including hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Here are some things you should know about the American English Coonhound. Read on to find out more about this breed’s common health issues. A yearly examination is necessary for your dog, and you can also perform specific preventative care measures to prevent bloat.

The American English Coonhound is a breed of a hunting dog with a reputation for speed, endurance, and intelligence. Because of these traits, it can be trained to track down and detect contraband electronics. It can also be used to find missing people and track criminals. Because of its innate ability to see raccoons, this breed is an excellent choice for someone who wants a dog that can work in a detection role.


An American English Coonhound needs early socialization. Without early socialization, they may become possessive of toys and food. Socializing your pup early will help prevent this problem. American English Coonhounds are very intelligent but can be stubborn regarding training. Because of their high prey drive and tendency to bark, they may take some time to train. Proper socialization is essential for a well-rounded dog.

Although the American English Coonhound is a breed of hunting dog, they are also very good with kids and do well indoors. However, their high energy level can cause them to be destructive if they are kept indoors for long periods. Take your new friend on a daily run or brisk walk. Afterward, take him to the dog park to see some exciting smells. As an adult, he’ll be interested in learning new tricks!


The American English Coonhound is a working terrier descendant of the English Foxhound. Known for its endurance and athleticism, this breed makes for a great companion, family pet, or working dog. However, they can be stubborn and need more patience during training. They are also notoriously loud and need plenty of exercises to be happy and healthy. Their high energy and spirited hunting temperament make American English Coonhounds excellent watchdogs and guard dogs.

The key to proper American English Coonhound training is to provide as much positive reinforcement as possible. This method of dog training is best for teaching basic commands and gradually moving away from food rewards as your dog develops a routine. Dogtime recommends using small treats for early training and moving up to larger, irregular bonuses as the dog learns and becomes more reliable. Moreover, positive reinforcement can be a very effective tool for teaching commands. While positive reinforcement works well for training, it can also lead to boredom and unwanted behaviors.

American English Coonhound
American English Coonhound

American English Coonhound Puppies

American English Coonhounds are brilliant dogs. They can learn any trick and can bark for miles! However, they can be a bit distracted while training. These dogs need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy and can be trained to hunt with a field trial and tracking. The training process for an American English Coonhound puppy will vary depending on its personality and training requirements. The following tips will help you prepare for training your new puppy.

Look for a reputable breeder. Good breeders will show prospective buyers around their facilities and answer any questions they may have. They should also have proof of health and genetic testing. If possible, ask to see their parents’ health records. This way, you can determine the health and heritage of your new puppy. Furthermore, reputable rescue centers will not keep large litters of American English Coonhounds at any time.

Despite the breed’s good looks, this dog is prone to bloat. This condition occurs when the eye doesn’t fully develop on the inside. Bloat can be painful and cause loss of appetite. To avoid this, give your puppy a nutritious, balanced diet. The deep chest cavity of the American English Coonhound also makes it prone to hip dysplasia. This condition can cause your pup to lose its vision.

The American English Coonhound’s medium-sized dog has a high metabolism, so it needs more than a standard meal. American English Coonhound puppies should eat about three cups of food daily. Their diet should consist of high-quality proteins and digestible fats. Be sure to limit treats to a tenth of the daily caloric intake. As with any breed, selecting a quality food labeled according to life stage is crucial.


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Because they are so friendly, coonhounds typically make lovely family pets. They are excellent with kids and other dogs because they are very pack-oriented.

These dogs are affectionate, wise, simple to train, and moderately simple to groom. But inexperienced pet owners need to be careful. They also require strict, ongoing instruction and a lot of mental and physical exertion.

American English Coonhounds typically get along well with new people. They must be socialized early to be content around a variety of people. When they first encounter a new person, they could bark but soon grow eager to interact with them.

Costs for English Coonhounds range from $800 to $2,000. The price is impacted by the popularity of this breed in the United States. You will probably spend more for a puppy of superior show quality from a reputable show breeder than a standard dog.

Like the Sporting Group, scent hounds like Beagles, Coonhounds, and Bloodhounds have higher exercise needs; a 60-minute walk is advised daily for these dogs. These canines will also like lure chasing, in addition to hunting.

Shedding and a dog-like smell.Coonhounds shed more than you might expect for a dog with such short hair. Also, remember that some individuals dislike the strong "doggy" smell that Coonhounds tend to have.

To maintain a clean, glossy coat, the American English Coonhound requires only a weekly cleaning with a rubber brush or hound mitt. He does shed, but if you continue to brush him, you'll get rid of the dead hair rather than discover it in your home and furnishings!

dogs with red bonesThese canines have gorgeous red coats and large, drooping ears. Their short, smooth hair requires little maintenance. Additionally, they are easy to clean and shed less hair than other coonhound breeds. They are excellent for athletes or outdoor enthusiasts because of their high activity level.

He is calm, kind, and easygoing at home. Coonhounds that are black and tan usually get along with other animals and get along well with kids. He might merely look around the house for the coziest seat on the sofa.

Coonhounds need to be socialized and trained from a very young age since, without it, they can develop strong attachments to their humans, their food, and even their toys.

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