Are Maine Coons High Maintenance? The Answer May Surprise You!

Do you think of your cat as high maintenance? If so, you may not be far off. According to the experts at Petco, Maine Coons are one of the most high-maintenance breeds on the market. The specifics vary from kitten to kitten, but in general, a Maine Coon needs a great deal of attention and care. As with all high-maintenance animals, owning a Maine Coon requires commitment.

Some people find that their Maine Coon can thrive on little sleep and constant activity. Others find that their feline friend succeeds with just enough play time each day. Whatever your home situation, there are ways to make having a high-maintenance cat easier for both of you. Read on to learn about this breed’s specific challenges and how you can tackle them as a pet owner.

The Maine Coon’s Special Needs

The Maine Coon is an intelligent breed, ranking among the most brilliant cats in the world. Unfortunately, this intelligence also makes them high maintenance. This breed has a powerful desire to hunt, so they need a home with a cat door so that they can escape. They also enjoy climbing and are capable of scaling almost any object.

It is a breed that requires a great deal of stimulation and mental stimulation. They need mental and physical exercise consistently. If left unsupervised, they can get into mischief and may even try to hunt small animals. If you cannot provide this breed’s stimulation or activity levels, your Maine Coon could become bored and frustrated.

Why Are Maine Coons High Maintenance?

High-maintenance cats are high maintenance for a reason; these cats have special needs. You can manage a high-maintenance Maine Coon if you can meet those needs. In general, you’ll need to provide plenty of enrichment to keep these cats satisfied. Maine Coons are intelligent cats, but they can get bored quickly. An indoor cat that’s not stimulated enough can become destructive and even dangerous.

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A bored Maine Coon may climb things, scratch furniture, or try to hunt small animals. Some cats, when not adequately stimulated, can become aggressive. So, if you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to meet these unique needs, your Maine Coon might become frustrated and destructive.

Are Maine Coons High Maintenance

Tips for Managing a High-Maintenance Maine Coon

Provide plenty of mental stimulation:

  • A Maine Coon that doesn’t have enough mental stimulation can become destructive or even aggressive. You can keep your Maine Coon happy and healthy with the proper amount of enrichment. Use elevated surfaces for your cat’s climbing needs, and change the toys in the cat’s PlayStation to keep your feline interested.
  • All cats need plenty of exercise, but Maine Coons are incredibly high-maintenance. These cats need a high level of motivation to keep them from becoming bored. You can keep your Maine Coon busy with interactive toys or schedule playtime with your cat during unoccupied hours.
  • Keep your cat indoors – Many Maine Coons have inherited a hunting instinct, and they have a strong prey drive. If your cat is used to being free to hunt, it may get frustrated when it isn’t allowed outside. Some Maine Coons also have a strong instinct to climb, which can become dangerous when your indoor cat has access to window frames and roofing.


With so many people choosing to own a Maine Coon, it’s no surprise that this breed is among the market’s highest-maintenance cats. Many factors contribute to a Maine Coon’s high maintenance needs, including their intelligence, strong hunting instinct, and hunting behavior.

However, as with any high-maintenance pet, you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle if you’re serious about owning one of these cats. While they may require a more rigorous lifestyle than other cats, they make excellent companions. With the proper training, a high-maintenance Maine Coon can be a great addition to your family.

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