Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cockroaches? The ideal food?

Cockroaches are a very nutritious food for bearded dragons with a lower fat content than comparable feed animals. The protein content is slightly higher, and the animals bring a larger mass and thus also a higher nutrient content. Bearded dragons are allowed to eat all commercially available cockroaches. The most famous is the Madagascar cockroaches, … Read more

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need A Cage Outside?

Why do bearded dragons need a cage outside? Nothing is better and healthier for the sun-loving bearded dragons than the right sun. Today, there are already high-quality lamps that recreate the natural solar radiation in the best possible way. However, what is permanently impossible is limited in time and within a protected framework. Most bearded … Read more

Red Monster Bearded Dragon – How to Spot a Dunner in Your Red Monster Bearded Dragon **2022

If you’re considering keeping a red monster bearded dragon, you should learn about its various health conditions before bringing it home. The ideal habitat includes optimal humidity and temperature. Hydrometers and thermometers can help you monitor these factors. Its diet must be nutritionally appropriate to ensure it thrives. A poor diet can cause metabolic bone … Read more

Bearded Dragon Poop Chart **New 2022

Bearded Dragon Poop Chart: A terrible diet is the most common cause of runny poop in bearded dragons. The good news is that this condition usually passes after a few days. However, you should check for parasites before treating them. If your beardie has diarrhea, it is probably the result of parasites. Parasites can pose … Read more