The Ultimate Guide to Black Gerbils: The Complete Guide to Black Gerbil Care (2022)

Black gerbils are a rare color variation of the common gerbil. They have white fur with black spots that you may think resemble a skunk, but in reality, they are much more beautiful. The word “gerbil” comes from the word “gerewl,” which means “scream” in German; this is because gerbils are nocturnal and tend to be quite vocal.

Gerbil is also often referred to as a ‘Desert Pet’ because its natural habitat is arid and sandy. If you’re interested in owning a black gerbil, read on! This article will tell you everything you need to know about black gerbils and their care requirements to find the right pet for your home.

What to Know Before You Get a Black Gerbil

There are vital things to know before getting a black gerbil. First, black gerbils are naturally nocturnal (active at night) and will be quieter during the day. It means that if you’re hoping for a cuddly little lap-gerbil, a black gerbil might not be the best choice of pet. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet who won’t be too demanding of your time, a black gerbil may be a great fit! Black gerbils are also curious creatures, so they will need lots of room to explore and exercise.

It’s essential to have a spacious cage to keep your gerbil happy and healthy! You should also be prepared for some smells, as gerbils are notorious poopers! They will likely need a bath and regular cleaning of their cage to stay smell-free.

Basic Black Gerbil Care Requirements

Black gerbils require the exact care requirements as any other type of gerbil. That said, you should keep these special care requirements in mind for black gerbils:

  • Diet: It’s essential to feed your black gerbil a high-quality gerbil diet, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables and tiny seeds and nuts. Feeding your gerbil a balanced diet is the key to a happy, healthy pet.
  • Cage: As mentioned above, you’ll need to provide your black gerbil with lots of space to roam. Keep this in mind when choosing the size of your gerbil’s cage.
  • Health: It’s essential to watch for any signs of illness or injury and take your black gerbil to the vet as soon as you notice an issue.
  • Handling: Black gerbils are generally more gentle than other gerbil varieties and are easier to tame. However, it’s essential to be still gentle when handling your black gerbil.

A Guide to Black Gerbil Housing

Before you decide what type of cage to get for your black gerbil, you should consider your budget. Gerbils are a relatively low-maintenance pet and thus are a great starter pet for kids and those on a budget. A basic, low-cost cage made from wire will be perfect for your black gerbil!

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You should ensure that the cell has enough room for your gerbil to exercise while also having a cozy sleeping space. You can also buy a larger ferret cage that may have more features than a standard wire cage. Remember that more giant cells cost more, but they will last longer and be more comfortable for your gerbil. A good rule of thumb is to give your gerbil at least 1 square foot of space in the cage.

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Black Gerbil Diet and Nutrition

Your black gerbil will likely eat a mix of seeds, pellets, fresh greens, and veggies, depending on your chosen diet. You can also mix and match different foods to find the perfect blend for your gerbil. Some gerbils like to eat small meals throughout the day, while others prefer to graze.

You can also offer your gerbil a small amount of water in a bottle or bowl; this will help keep their water fresh and clean. Remember that you will need to replace the water often as gerbils drink a lot of water! Try to feed your gerbil a mixture of seeds, pellets, fresh greens, and veggies. It will provide your gerbil with a balanced diet and keep them happy and healthy.

How to Care for a Black Gerbil’s Fur and Tails

As with any pet, you are keeping your black gerbil’s fur clean is essential. Brush your gerbil’s hair regularly, paying particular attention to tails. You may consider getting your black gerbil a litter box to make cleaning up after them more accessible.

The litter box can be easily cleaned and replaced, making it ideal for a black gerbil’s frequent pooping. As mentioned above, keep your black gerbil’s fur clean by brushing it regularly and keeping it out of poop. You may also want to trim your gerbil’s hair, particularly around the face and paws. You can ask your vet or pet store employee for tips on how to groom your black gerbil.

Final Words: Should You Get a Black Gerbil?

Black gerbils are sweet, beautiful creatures that may be the perfect pet for you. If you’re interested in adopting a black gerbil, remember that they need lots of room to roam. They also prefer to be handled gently, so they’re a great pet for kids and those new to pet ownership.

Remember to provide your black gerbil with plenty of toys to stimulate their natural curiosity, and don’t forget to give them plenty of attention and love!

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They might also have white spots on their underside, jaw, and feet. Black gerbils may or may not be rare, depending on where you live.

Mongolian gerbil: Black gerbils belong to the species Meriones unguiculatus, which means "little clawed warrior." As a result of selective breeding for the pet industry, Mongolian gerbils have a wide range of coat colors, including black, brown, silver, lilac, dove, white, and the standard golden agouti color.

They are more significant than mice but not as extensive as rats. At first, they were called "desert rats." There are more than 100 different kinds of gerbils. But only the Mongolian gerbil, often kept as a pet, has a black color and is one of the species that can be marked as a pet.

Gerbils can live for up to 3–4 years, and some even live longer.

One of the best things about having a pet is being able to cuddle, stroke, and hold it close. But because gerbils get scared and nervous quickly, they might not seem as loving. Most gerbils enjoy petting or sitting in your hand. Once they trust you, some gerbils will let you pet them or hug them.

It is followed by the most common of the three, Argente Fawn, and then by the rarest and lightest of the three, Argente Cream.