Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones? (2022)

Every dog owner knows it, you don’t look at it, and the dog has eaten something again.
But what if it was chicken bones this time? Can he do it at all, or do the bones harm the dog?

These questions and everything you need to know about eating chicken bones dogs we have summarized for you in this guide.

The most important, in brief

  • Dogs can eat raw chicken bones
  • if the bones are cooked, they splinter easily
  • So danger comes mainly from boiled bones
  • common symptoms include choking, vomiting, or shortness of breath
  • if the dog has pain after consumption, it is best to consult a veterinarian

Can dogs eat chicken bones?

Overall, chicken bones are more dangerous than others, as the bones of birds are small and usually very pointed. It depends on whether the bones are cooked or raw.

Raw bones are softer and, therefore, more elastic, which is less dangerous.

On the other hand, boiled bones splinter and can injure the dog internally. These bones are, therefore, dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

How chicken bones affect the dog’s health

Due to chicken bones, various problems may arise, but they do not have to. Common health effects are the following:


The bone can get stuck in various places, which often leads to choking or shortness of breath. It means the bone can already be stuck to the palate or even deeper in the neck area.

If your dog allows it, open his mouth, and if you see the bone, you can try to remove it gently. But pay special attention, because mouth space with the woman possible sharp-edged bone not to hurt.

You should stop if your dog is not cooperating or the bone is not visible. Otherwise, there is a risk of pushing the bone even deeper down.

It is best to contact the vet directly.


Constipation occurs only when the dog has already eaten several bones. These bones can then collect in the intestine and form a blockage. It has various effects, the worst of which can be fatal.

The blockage stops food, and thus the dog has to vomit, which could dehydrate him in the long run.
If the intestinal contents are stuck, they release toxins, which can lead to poisoning or even death of the intestinal wall.

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It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor who will x-ray the dog to determine how to release the blockage.

Note: Laxatives or enemas are often the solutions, which can also lead to more complex operations.


In this disease, a bone splinter pierces the intestinal wall, which can cause intestinal contents to get into the abdomen. It, in turn, forms an infection in the abdominal area.

It usually only helps an emergency operation.

From what amount is the consumption of chicken bones dangerous for the dog?

In principle, a single bone is enough to injure the dog, but the more he eats, the higher the risk of constipation.

What are the symptoms of eating chicken bones?

Depending on what happens to the bone, it affects the body.

If the dog suffers from shortness of breath, produces choking sounds, and has increased salivation, this is a sign that the bone is stuck in the throat or neck area. Also, a symptom of this is the repeated gagging of the dog.

But even suffering, yodeling, or whining can be triggered by bones.

What to do if the dog has eaten chicken bones?

If your four-legged friend has accidentally got to chicken bones, it is the first time to keep calm.
Watch your dog without showing him that you’re worried.

If he remains completely relaxed and shows no signs of pain, he is probably lucky, and nothing will happen.

Nevertheless, it would help if you observed his eating behavior and stool for the next few days. If something changes, you should see a veterinarian, as there is a risk of constipation or poisoning from stuck stomach contents.

However, one must take action if the dog immediately begins to choke or suffers from shortness of breath.

The dog can open its mouth and remove visible bones if it allows it.
Consult a veterinarian immediately if no bones are visible, or the dog does not cooperate.

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