Can Gerbils Eat Apples?

You may have heard that gerbils love apples. Although they’re not quite as famous as pandas, gerbils are still an endearing rodent with many fans. So, can gerbils eat apples? It is a common question among new owners. In general, the answer is yes.

Gerbils can eat apples in moderation. They’re safe for your furry friends—so long as they don’t have seeds or are cut into smaller pieces. In this article, we discuss whether or not gerbils can eat apples and provide recommendations for which types of apples to feed your pet if you so choose.

What’s in an Apple?

Apples are a type of fruit from trees found in temperate climates. The most popular variety of apples is the red apple. Are you familiar with red apples, but have you heard of pink, yellow, or green apples? Green apples are unripe versions of red apples, and pink apples are a form of red. Pink apples are less common than the other varieties because they’re difficult to grow. In addition to being delicious, red apples are also good for you.

They’re a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. There are also some antioxidants in apples, which are believed to be good for your health. Apples are also high in sugar, so they’re not healthy. However, you may be able to feed your gerbils a little apple without hurting them too much.

Gerbils and Fruit: Is it Healthy?

Gerbils are rodents, just like mice and hamsters. All three of these animals are closely related and are in the same scientific family: the rodent family. Like other rodents, gerbils have a relatively short digestive tract. It means that you can’t feed your pet just anything. Certain foods are high in protein and fats, while others are high in carbohydrates.

Fruits are typically rich in carbohydrates, so they don’t make great snacks for most rodents. While it’s true that gerbils can eat apples, you probably shouldn’t make them a regular part of your pet’s diet. It’s better to feed gerbils veggies and pellets.

Which Types of Apples Can Gerbils Eat?

If you want to feed your gerbil apples, they should be red. While green and pink apples are technically apples, they’re unsuitable for gerbils. If you have a gerbil that you want to feed an apple, you should cut it into small pieces. Otherwise, you risk choking your friend.

You should also remove any seeds from the apple you feed your gerbil. It could be dangerous if a source gets stuck in your gerbil’s throat.

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Can Gerbils Eat Apple Seeds?

Yes. You can feed your gerbils apple seeds, and it’s a pretty healthy snack for them. Some rodents, like hamsters, eat apple seeds as a natural source of calcium. Apple seeds are also high in protein and fiber. However, it would help if you only fed your gerbils apple seeds that are unpeeled.

The sources inside an apple’s skin are covered in a cyanide coating. Cyanide is poisonous to humans, as well as rodents. If you feed your gerbil unpeeled apple seeds, they could die.

The Problems with Feeding Gerbils Apples

Feeding gerbils a little apple occasionally is perfectly safe, but you shouldn’t make it a dietary staple. Gerbils are mainly herbivores. They need lots of protein and fiber to stay healthy, and apples don’t have enough nutrients. If you feed your gerbils too many apples, you could end up hurting them.

It can happen if your gerbils get apple seeds stuck in their throats or if they overeat apples and get fat. If a gerbil gets too fat, it can develop problems with movement.

Final Words

Gerbils are a very tiny species of animal. A full-grown adult gerbil weighs less than an ounce. While these rodents make adorable pets, they do not eat a lot. It means you should probably not try to make apples a staple of your pet’s diet.

Apples are safe for gerbils but won’t give your pet many nutrients. They’re also high in sugar, so they may not be the best diet for your gerbils. If you want to feed your gerbils apples, ensure they don’t have seeds and are cut into small pieces. You should also be aware that sure apples, like Green or Red Delicious, have higher sugar content than others like Granny Smith.

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