What’s the good of kissing cats?

Hugging and kissing in communication between people is one of the most significant indicators of love. Unfortunately, cats don’t have the equivalent of kissing behavior that we often show. I mean, cats aren’t exactly the kind of creatures that like to be kissed as we thought. And kissing cats feels nice to people, but it’s … Read more

American Wirehair Cat (Breed characteristics 2022)

American Wirehair Cat: The American Wirehair Cat is a famous domestic cat that originated in upstate New York. Although the breed is well known, it is also a rare one. In fact, by the year 2017, the American Wirehair was listed as a “rare breed.” Here’s a look at some facts about this feline. Listed … Read more

Abyssinian: Abyssinian Cat Breed Information 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Abyssinian Cat: The Abyssinian Cat is a short-haired domestic cat with a distinctive “ticked” tabby coat in which individual hairs are banded with different colors. The cat is also called Abys or Abyss, after the country that gave the breed its name, Abyssinia. Here’s everything you need to … Read more

Asian Leopard Cat **New 2022

Adopt an Asian Leopard Cat: The Asian leopard cat is an endangered species. While it is widely distributed, habitat destruction and hunting threaten its survival. Learn about the cat’s size, genetics, and habitat. Then, learn how you can adopt one. You may be surprised by how easy it is. Read on for some tips on … Read more