Does Animal Assisted Therapy Really Work for Dogs?

Does Animal Assisted Therapy Really Work for Dogs

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) can be an effective and powerful treatment for dogs, with many resulting benefits. Studies have shown that AAT can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve social and cognitive functioning, and even help dogs heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma. With the help of your veterinarian, you can explore whether AAT … Read more

Do Therapy Dogs Need to Be Certified?

Do Therapy Dogs Need to Be Certified

Therapy dogs can be a great source of comfort and relief for those suffering from physical and mental issues, but there is some confusion and uncertainty as to whether or not they need to be certified. The short answer is no—therapy dogs do not need to be certified, but they do need to be trained … Read more

Why Does Pet Therapy Work for Dogs? Exploring the Benefits of Therapy for Our Furry Friends

Pet therapy provides a powerful tool to help improve the wellbeing of our four-legged friends. Not only does it give them physical benefits such as increased mobility and improved overall health, but it also helps develop their mental health by reducing anxiety and depression and improving cognitive function. Pet therapy can also help build stronger … Read more

Can Dog Therapy Day at UCSB Help Improve Mental Health?

Do you want to improve your mental health? Dog therapy may be the answer! Dog therapy has been proven to bring a number of positive physical and mental health benefits, so it’s no surprise that UCSB has implemented Dog Therapy Day to help students relax and reduce stress levels. On Dog Therapy Day, UCSB students … Read more

What Are the Best Therapy Dog Breeds for Anxiety?

What Are the Best Therapy Dog Breeds for

Are you looking for a furry friend to support you in managing your anxiety? Therapy dogs can be excellent companions, providing comfort and emotional support as you manage your anxious feelings. With the right breed and training, a therapy dog can become an important part of your life. This article will provide an overview of … Read more

Where Can I Find Therapy Dog Visits for Seniors Near Me?

Where Can I Find Therapy Dog Visits for Seniors Near

Therapy dog visits can be an incredible way to help seniors improve both their physical and mental health. From reducing stress, to increasing social interaction, to providing comfort and companionship, therapy dog visits can have huge benefits for seniors. If you are looking to find therapy dog visits near you, your best bet is to … Read more

Where Can I Find Dog Water Therapy Near Me?

Dog water therapy is a great way to help your pup stay healthy. It’s a great way to provide physical therapy, ease joint pain, and even help reduce anxiety. Whether you’re looking for an animal rehabilitation center, a veterinary clinic, or a specialized spa for canine therapy, there’s a good chance you can find dog … Read more

What Are the Best Dog Therapist Quotes?

What Are the Best Dog Therapist Quotes

Dog therapy is a great way to help both your pup and yourself. Quotes used by dog therapists can be a great source of motivation and help you and your pup better understand each other. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best dog therapist quotes, so that you can take the best advice … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Pet Therapy for the Elderly?

Pet therapy, in particular dog therapy, has been proven to provide a plethora of benefits to the elderly. Not only does it reduce stress and anxiety, it can also help to improve cognitive function, encourage physical activity, boost self-confidence and increase socialization, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life. So if you know someone … Read more

Can Therapy Dogs Improve Mental Health in Utah?

Therapy dogs can help improve mental health in Utah and beyond. Studies have shown that these animals can provide companionship and comfort, reduce stress levels, and boost self-esteem. The powerful bond between humans and animals can be beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues and could be a useful tool for improving mental health … Read more

Do Therapy Dog Owners Get Paid for Their Services?

Are you considering becoming a therapy dog owner? If so, you may be wondering if you will be paid for your services. The answer is typically no – therapy dog owners do not get paid for their services. There are several other great benefits that come from becoming a therapy dog owner. Not only do … Read more