Blue Nose Pitbull: A Guide to Dog Breeds, Owners **15 Interesting Facts 2022

Blue Nose Pitbull: You have many options for choosing a dog breed for your pet. The blue pitbull is one of the most beloved breeds. Their love for human contact is what makes them so popular. They are affectionate and loving dogs. The blue Pitbulls are also very athletic. Before you buy any pitbull, you … Read more

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, like his close cousin, King Charles Spaniel, took the name of his race from, of course, the name of the 17th century King of England, Charles I, and his son Charles II. The former went down in history as a bloody tyrant, but at the same time a lover of these … Read more

Dog Breeds – Border Collie

Masters of dog sports, sheep “charmers,” the most intelligent dogs in the world … it’s hard to believe that all these terms refer to dogs of one breed. The Border Collies in question have been highly prized Sheepdogs for years. They have also become fashionable among people looking for a friendly companion dog in recent … Read more