How to get your Dog used to Driving?

Some dogs will get in the car and be ready for the first ride without any stress, but there will also be ones that will perceive the car as a terrible, loud metal can, in which they also have nausea and find it challenging to keep balance. If your dog has these associations with travel, … Read more

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, like his close cousin, King Charles Spaniel, took the name of his race from, of course, the name of the 17th century King of England, Charles I, and his son Charles II. The former went down in history as a bloody tyrant, but at the same time a lover of these … Read more

Dog Breeds – Border Collie

Masters of dog sports, sheep “charmers,” the most intelligent dogs in the world … it’s hard to believe that all these terms refer to dogs of one breed. The Border Collies in question have been highly prized Sheepdogs for years. They have also become fashionable among people looking for a friendly companion dog in recent … Read more

Akita Husky Mix: 2022 Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & Facts

Akita Husky Mix is a cross between a Husky and an Akita, which gives them a distinctive look and personality. Husky Akita mix needs lots of exercise, so make sure to schedule ample playtime for your dog. If your dog becomes bored, it may chew on your shoes or dig holes in the garden. They’re … Read more

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale **Price Dropped to $500

German shepherd puppies for sale. Browse the most comprehensive, most trusted source of German shepherd puppies for sale near me & guaranteed quality, healthy puppies. The German Shepherd is a medium-sized working dog originally from Germany. Their English name is German Shepherd Dog. Here’s a look at the characteristics and history of this breed. The … Read more