Light Sable German Shepherd: Information About 4 Different Species (2022)

Light Sable German Shepherd

Light Sable German Shepherd Coats: The German Shepherd coat color is the most common, so what colors are available? The sable German Shepherd coat is dominant, while the bicolor and black variants are recessive. German Shepherds have a system of SV, or Standard Variation, created by von Stephanitz and govern all breeders. Breeders call specific mutations … Read more

Norwegian Elkhound Dog (features, breed information and 5 important details)

The Norwegian Elkhound Dog: The Norwegian Elkhound is a Spitz-type breed originating in Norway. This breed has served as a herder, hunter, and defender throughout history. Known for its courage and ability to track large games, the Norwegian Elkhound Dog has a rich history. You can read more about this breed’s history and characteristics below. … Read more

Czech German Shepherd – Czech German Shepherd Life Care And Updated Best Information 2022

Czech German Shepherd: The Czech German Shepherd is a friendly and affectionate dog. This breed is apt to sneak into your lap. However, they are also tenacious and single-minded. At times, you’ll have to refocus their attention. You must understand how to get their attention to change to your advantage. The breed is friendly in … Read more

Doberman Mixed German Shepherd – Life And Character Of The Doberman Mixed German Shepherd (2022)

Doberman Mixed German Shepherd Puppies: The Doberman mixed with German Shepherd is a beautiful cross between two of the most popular breeds of dogs. This hybrid is brilliant and will love the company of an active owner. While this mix offers vigor and long life, it may still have specific health problems in common with … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Honey Walnut Cake? (Updated 2022)

Can Dogs Eat Honey Walnut Cake?

Can Dogs Eat Honey Walnut Cake? :  One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is, “Can dogs eat honey walnut cake?” This cake is a favorite among many humans and can be found at almost any bakery. It is easy to make and is quite heavy. It contains chocolate and raw honey, so … Read more

Teacup Yorkie – Health Issues of the Teacup Yorkie (New 2022)

Teacup Yorkie has some health issues common among all breeds, but they’re especially susceptible to digestive problems. Poor diets and high-fat foods can lead to toxicity, abdominal pain, and pancreatitis. Teacup Yorkies are also prone to Legg-Perthes Disease, considered one of the breed’s hereditary risks. For these reasons, regular veterinary checkups are a must. Teacup … Read more

Training A Belgian Malinois Puppy – 5 Belgian Malinois Puppy Training Tips **New 2022

Training A Belgian Malinois Puppy: When preparing your Belgian Malinois puppy, there are many techniques you can use. Some of these methods are Positive reinforcement, Crate training, Treats in a bottle, and Fear. Below are some tips for successful training. Hopefully, these tips will help you train your new puppy to be a better family … Read more