Foxhounds: Complete Guide – Information, Pictures (New 2022)

Foxhounds: A dog packed around mounted hunters in fine twine – this is the image many associates with the breed Foxhound. Brittanys are a traditional breed of hunting dog, typically only available to trained professionals.


At a withers height between 58 and 64 cm, the Foxhound weighs around 35 kg. And these kilos are distributed in a sporty way, as you can see at first glance: the optics reflect the endurance of this passionate hunting dog: the deep chest offers space for the lungs of an endurance runner, and the muscles are evenly pronounced but not voluminous. The long legs allow the Foxhound a fast speed while running. In breeding, the talent for hunting was always more than the visual appearance, but the Foxhound is an elegant eye-catcher. According to the standard, the harsh coat can occur in the following colors: white, white with black, and white with orange.


The Foxhound can be described as a classic among the British hunting dogs. This venerable breed is probably a cross between medieval bracken and greyhounds, which should provide more ease for the formerly sedate detectives. Their field of application was and is hunting, more precisely: the mounted fox hunt in the pack, also cal”ed “perforce hun”ing.” In this hunt, the group pursues games such as deer or foxes to their exhaustion.

The enduring dogs can stay on the heels of their prey for up to five hours. Although they are not faster than the hunted, they tire the game so the human hunter can kill them. Perforce hunting flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries, where it was operated by the German, British and French nobility. Only the elite could afford this elaborate form of hunting – and often destroyed numerous fields under the hooves of the horse train on the miles-long, unpredictable routes.

This method of hunting has been outlawed in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. From an animal welfare standpoint, the dubious hunting practice was not the initial impetus for the prohibition in Germany. Instead, the ban was aimed at entering force in the 1930s.

A century on, to limit the privileges of the nobility – and thus also the hunt. But a few decades later, hunting laws affirmed the ban. However, this did not mean the end for the Foxhound: Today, trolling is a game-friendly alternative – not the killing of the game, but the joy of riding together with the pack is the focus. In 1964 the breed was recognized by the FCI. (English Foxhound FCI 159) In addition to the English Foxhound, there is also the closely related, slightly lighter-built American Foxhound.

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Foxhound character

This friendly dog appreciates the life in the pack, where he gets along well with his fellow dogs. According to its original purpose and the life of its ancestors, who almost without exception lived in large packs, the Foxhound shows good obedience but usually does not form a close bond with individual people.

Even today, the dogs grow up in the box and remain there. With a desired stronger imprint on humans, one would have to remove the Foxhound from the pack already in puppy age, which is not practiced, however, because these dogs are professional hunting companions and not companion dogs. In addition, the Foxhound always maintains a relatively high degree of stubbornness and does not show a pronoun”ed “will-to-pl”use.” Despite their determination, the breed also has an affectionate side: many foxhounds love to be petted and are also quite playful.


Most Foxhounds are hunted and receive corresponding hunting dog training, which is also mandatory. When keeping a Foxhound as a companion dog, you may face some hurdles because the four-legged friend is a passionate hunter who also does not have a close relationship with individual people.

Especially if he has been living in a pack for a long time, it isn’t easy to establish a close relationship with a friendly four-legged friend. Promote the bond with everyday rituals and a lot of positive motivation. It does not always have to consist of treats – caresses or miniature games can also reward the agile dog. The breed is considered very social and copes well with conspecifics. That this four-legged friend has an extensive hunting instinct should be clear to everyone – adjust the run accordingly and ensure neighbors’ cat or fawn remain undisturbed on the roadside.

Foxhound Nutrition

The Foxhound needs species-appropriate food, which should contain a lot of meat! Therefore, offer you Foxhounds wet or dry food without grain, in which meat is the main ingredient. Especially for hunting foxhounds, the energy requirement is firmly based on the calories consumed – on days with long runs of up to 15 km; the four-legged friend needs more energy. A lining with a higher fat content is recommended for high sporting requirements.

Give your four-legged friend the last portion about three hours before a sports session, so he has enough time to digest it before his use. Snacks are usually not necessary for longer sports sessions. The four-legged friend must receive a rich meal and extensive breaks after work. The Foxhound is a very good feed digester – to avoid being overweight, you should keep an eye on his waist and shorten the rations accordingly when he starts fat.

Dry chews are a welcome change in the diet of the four-legged friend. However, avoid feeding rumen, as this is suspected of promoting so-called hound ataxia in foxhounds. Remember to keep your Foxhounds hydrated: Allow your Foxhounds to absorb water at least hourly during a hunt. Inside the kennel, there should always be enough fresh water for all four-legged friends.

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A healthy Foxhound is a very robust four-legged friend. But if you want to keep these dogs, you should inform yourself about the so-called hound ataxia. It is a neurological disorder that mainly affects Foxhounds and Beagles. It usually occurs between the age of two and seven and manifests itself in the form of movement disorders and spasticity.

The cause of this is a breakdown of white matter in the breast marrow and gray matter in the brain stem of the dog. Whether the feeding of rumen promotes the onset of the disease is not conclusively clarified – however, it is recommended to refrain from it as a precaution. The condition usually progresses further without there being any effective treatment options. Foxhounds should also be examined for hip dysplasia before breeding with them.

Furthermore, it is essential to avoid being overweight because too little is required. Foxhounds quickly put on fat. The dogs can reach an age of up to 13 years.


Many kilometers in full gallop – this is the workload that Foxhounds not only manage but also appreciate. Trolling is an excellent alternative to the previous hunts and is now organized throughout Europe by searching clubs. The animals follow a fox tail or a trail of rumen manure that drips from containers that carry riders further forward.

Should you – even if this is not the ideal case – hold a not hunted Foxhound, you can go cycling with him or inform yourself about sports such as Canicross. In addition, your Foxhounds should have space to romp around – ideally within a large, fenced property and with conspecifics. If your specimen can no longer hunt due to physical impairments, offer him mental strain instead and check whether slower nose work, for example, in guided, is suitable for your dog.


The short, smooth coat of the Foxhound is no challenge in care. Regular brushing or measurement with a care glove removes excess hair and is a pleasure for many four-legged friends. Especially if you do not keep a Foxhound in the pack, as a companion dog, you should practice bonding and strengthening rituals with him from an early age. For older dogs, check the claws regularly to prevent painful snagging if they become too long. Check your dogs regularly for parasites in their fur, and talk to your vet about appropriate prophylaxis.

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Who is a Foxhound suitable for?

This four-legged friend is a dog for advanced dog owners who also use it for hunting. It is hardly suitable as a pure companion dog because only a few dog owners should be able to use this sporty four-legged friend. Most Foxhounds live together in spacious kennels; usually, only Foxhounds unsuitable for hunting leave this pack. He is, therefore, not only a dog for connoisseurs but for specialists who are dedicated to this type of hunting dog sport and have appropriate spatial conditions ready for the dog.

If you are interested in keeping a four-legged companion dog, such as a dog unfit for hunting, you should use it well and have experience with hunting dogs. In addition, a foxhound that is no longer suitable for hunting should have conspecifics as a companion – unless it has been excluded from hunting due to social incompatibilities. In any case, it is essential to clarify with the pack owner before the dog moves in what requirements the four-legged friend has for his new home.

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A fenced garden must be escape-proof. The Foxhound is considered to love children and usually copes wonderfully with two-legged offspring. On the other hand, pets like cats or rabbits are not suitable roommates. There may be foxhounds who have grown up with cats and accept them in their pack. However, caution is better than forbearance, and letting a passionate predator move into a cat household is not a good idea.


Where can I find a Foxhound?

Hunters usually breed this breed for hunters – that cat’s a good thing. If you are interested in keeping these dogs and have the time, money, and space to build a pack, you can find out about this in drag hunting clubs. These are probably already known to you anyway because without this form of organized hunting, building your pack makes little sense.

In any case, keep a distance from individual foxhounds bred without papers and whose parents are not led hunting. Usually, these are dubious sellers who want to earn money with the classic hunting dogs. The puppies are generally not purebred foxhounds but hybrids. It is wiser to turn to animal welfare instead of supporting dubious breeding practices in the search for combinations with foxhound content.

You can find it among professional drag hunting packs if you are looking for an already grown-up Foxhound. From time to time, they give up older dogs, which are unsuitable for very demanding use in trolling hunts. However, you should ask yourself here self-critically and clarify in discussions with the pack leader whether you have the opportunity to offer this sporty dog with the already described character characteristics a species-appropriate home.

We wish you a good time with your sport, Foxhounds!


What do I need to know before getting a Foxhound?

The high energy of foxhounds necessitates at least two hours of daily playtime. Do something active with them, like going on a long run or taking them on a stroll with plenty of stops for smelling. Foxhoucan’tan’t handle small living quarters and would do best with at least an acre.

Are foxhounds hard to train?

If you own a Foxhound, you know that once he catches a scent, there is little you can do to prevent him from following it across town. Due to their friendly nature, however, dogs are not reliable guard dogs. They also tend to be tough to train, which adds to their difficulty working with them.

Are foxhounds high maintenance?

While American Foxhounds are friendly, low-maintenance hounds that get along with kids, other dogs, and even cats, there are several things potential owners should know.

What are the four foxhounds?

There are different kinds of foxhounds, each with a slightly different look and personality. In their home countries, they are often just cal”ed “foxhole” ds.”

  • American Foxhound.
  • Dumfriesshire Black and Tan Foxhound (extinct)
  • English Foxhound.
  • Welsh Foxhound.

Foxhounds 2022

Can Foxhounds be left alone?

The American Foxhound is a friendly and wise breed devoted to his family; however, he can become lonely and depressed when isolated from his people and his canine friends. Since selected this breed for its ability to run long distances, regular exercise is crucial.

Are Foxhounds aggressive?

They make lovely family pets because they are loyal and full of love. They enjoy playing with the children of the family. On the other hand, American foxhounds occasionally display hostile behavior toward strangers. The temperaments of these canines are complex, encompassing both sweetness and naughtiness.

Do Foxhounds bark a lot?

Even though the English Foxhound gets along well with other pets, you should know that they are prey motivated and may chase smaller animals. The English Foxhound is a noisy breed. Their alert nature makes them excellent watchdogs, but it could also earn them the hostility of their neighbors.

How much is an English Foxhound puppy?

The average cost of a well-bred English Foxhound puppy is between $600 and $1,000. In contrast, adopting a dog from a rescue group will cost you far less. Can adopt Foxhound puppies for $300 or less, which more than covers the expense of vet bills and supplies.

Are English Foxhounds good pets?

Most English foxhounds’ dynamic and hunting-oriented nature means the best candidates for a couch potato lifestyle at home. If they get enough exercise, dogs are seen as superior companion animals.

What are English Foxhounds used for?

Of the four types of foxhounds, the English Foxhound is the rarest. Scent hounds like these are typically developed for the sole purpose of pursuing foxes. Britain was the birthplace of this breed in the 1600s. Although English Foxhounds were originally bred for deer hunting, they eventually lost out to the Deerhound and Staghound, which developed in England.

Is an American Foxhound the right kind of dog for you?

The American Foxhound is a highly regarded breed due to its attractive appearance, intelligence, devotion, and loyalty, as well as its exceptional athleticism and talent as a hunter. The American Foxhound, like any other right for every home or owner, no matter how large or little.

Why are English Foxhounds so unpopular?

The English Foxhound is not suited for apartment living due to its poor level of adaptation. Due to the dog’s high energy level, its owners must devote themselves to providing it with regular physical activity.

Can English foxhounds be left alone?

This breed is known for being warm and loving toward its human companions. Because of their social nature, they prefer company (both human and canine).

Are English Foxhounds expensive?

The typical cost of an English Foxhound is relatively low, between $600 and $800. Adopting or rescuing a dog is a great way to save money than buying a purebred.

Are English Foxhounds good with cats?

If raised with cats, bunnies, and other house pets, American Foxhounds are likely to get along well with adults; if you don’t know that your pets can get, don’t let them alone with others.

Are foxhounds calm?

This breed of dog has a reputation for being friendly and easygoing. While the English Foxhound enjoys interacting with humans, it is happiest when it is part of a pack of dogs. In other words, this is a fantastic option if you already have canine companions at home.

Are foxhounds neutered?

Most veterinarians believe English Foxhounds should be spayed or neutered between four and nine months.

Can foxhounds be off leash?

Even wholly trained, American Foxhounds should not be allowed to run free in public spaces without a leash. They may wander into traffic or become lost while pursuing a smell.

Are foxhounds aggressive?

They make lovely family pets because they are loyal and full of love. They enjoy spending time with the children of the household in the capacity of playmates. On the other hand, American foxhounds occasionally display hostile behavior toward strangers. The temperaments of these canines are complex, encompassing both sweetness and naughtiness.

Do foxhounds like the cold?

These dogs can handle either hot or cold weather with ease. Though your American Foxhound will likely do OK in moderate climates, you should keep a check on him in the summer and winter to make sure he doesn’t overheat or freeze.

Do foxhounds like other dogs?

Like many other scent hounds, Foxhounds are pack hounds who thrive in the company of other canines and love having a four-legged companion to help them burn off some surplus energy.

Are foxhounds large dogs?

The American Foxhound is a huge, handsome dog that may weigh up to 32 kilograms (70 kg) and reach a height of 25 inches (64 cm) at the withers (shoulders). Long in the muzzle but with a broad skull and dark eyes. Their floppy ears rest on their heads at roughly eye level.

Are foxhounds rare?

According to 2019 data from the American Kennel Club, the English Foxhound, one of four foxhound breeds, is the rarest dog breed in the United States. The breed became very popular in England during HeVIII’sII’s reign. Despite their mild demeanor, these dogs are typically employed for hunting and not kept as pets.

Do foxhounds howl?

AlthothFoxhound’s’sthFoxhound’s bays and howls are often described”as “music” al,” they may be heard for miles, making city life unsuitable for this species. Scents of all kinds div foxhounds’ attention.

Can foxhounds be pets?

Foxhounds were raised to do work, so they are athletic, robust, and full of energy. Although kind, they are not the best pets until they have finished their working lives as hunters. However, even with the most knowledgeable owners, these dogs may be a handful because of their high energy levels and loud barking.

Do foxhounds fetch?

The American Foxhound is a highly active dog that requires a lot of attention, so having a toy they can play fetch with is essential. These canines are highly scent-driven and should always be accompanied by an owner or responsible party with a firm grasp on the leash. For dogs’ safety and convenience, we advise using a harness.

Are foxhounds loud?

Foxhounds are widely regarded as a musically gifted breed. According to Dog Time, their bays and howls have” a “bell-” quality and can be heard for milThat’sat’s; there’s another type of dog that shouldn’t be kept in cramped quarters or an apartment building.

Are foxhounds destructive?

They have to work out frequently. Honestit’sit’s more of a workout than you could ever think. Not providing it can lead to destructive behavior or depression in American Foxhounds. Runners, joggers, hunters, people with large fenced-in yards, and people who like to work up a good sweat would all benefit from having one of these dogs as a companion.

Do foxhounds shed?

The coat should be close and firm, and it should be of medium length. The hound coat can be any color, but black, white, and tan are the most common. Even though American Foxhounds usually lose a lot of hair, you can reduce the amount with a weekly brushing.

Are Foxhounds stubborn?

While American Foxhounds are generally kind and calm, they also share the hound stereotype of being headstrong and independent. They are bred to hunt independently of their human counterparts and may not understand why they must do things the way you do.

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