Grain Free Cat Food **2022 New Product Recommendations!

Grain free cat food is gaining more and more popularity. It is well known that cats are carnivores by nature. Therefore, every owner of a purr should make sure that his pet’s diet is rich in animal proteins and other nutrients, which have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the pet.

Their task is to provide animals with everything necessary for the proper functioning of their organisms. We will discuss why products of this type should be included in your pet’s diet later in this article.

Grain Free Cat food – what is it?

Grain free cat food, also known as “grain free,” Is products for which no ingredients such as wheat, barley, spelled, or Rye. Thus, the pet obtains energy from more valuable sources. In addition, grain free feeds are also characterized by a higher level of proteins, at the same time occurring in much better quality.

Cereals are not created equal.

Not all grains must be the same. There are gluten and gluten-free variants, and cats (like humans) do not tolerate grain protein, i.e., the gluten as mentioned above, very well. Therefore, wheat products with a high content are not recommended in a cat’s diet.

It also includes cereals rice. However, in his case, the situation is slightly different. It is very unusual light and gluten-free; therefore, its optimal values ​​should not be a problem. What’s more, rice contains several minerals, including potassium and magnesium, B vitamins, iron, folic acid, and various types of amino acids.

A grain that also does not contain gluten is corn. In addition, it supplies the animal’s body with minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. Both rice and maize will therefore not be harmful to your cat. However, the critical thing is their origin, which should be completely natural and unprocessed.

Grain Free Cat Food

Cereals with gluten – why shouldn’t they be in a cat’s diet?

Cereals containing gluten can induce several digestive ailments, which results in further consequences in the form of skin problems and related disorders dentition quadruped. It is also significant threat obesity carries the risk of diabetes, respiratory and circulatory system diseases, and even colorectal ailments. Indeed, the influence of cereals on the health of your pet should not be underestimated – even if he likes the food.

It is also impossible to ignore food intolerances and allergies caused by cereals. Both of the ailments above can be manifested by diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, and visible deterioration of the animal’s coat and skin condition. Therefore, any non-standard behavior cannot be ignored, and it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of both the health and well-being of the cat. However, it should be noted that the cause of food allergy or intolerance does not have to be only a specific grain. They can also come from the dog’s meat and other ingredients in the provided food.

Grain-free cat food – benefits

One of the most significant benefits of grain-free pet food is its naturalness. High-quality variants contain all the ingredients necessary for cats, and their origin is clear and defined. Thanks to this, each guardian can know what his pet eats.

Moreover, by giving your pet grain-free food, the risk of various types of digestive disorders is significantly reduced. And although these types of products still contain carbohydrates, their amount is adjusted accordingly.

It may also be interesting that this type of food is perfect for cats that struggle with obesity. They reduce the amount of fat accumulated, and the increased content of proteins of animal origin positively affects both the activity and muscles of the quadruped.

Grain-free foods also affect the well-being of the animal, the condition of its skin and hair, and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

What is an excellent grain-free feed?

High-quality grain-free cat food is not just a brand. So, regardless of the manufacturer, the composition of the selected product should be looked at increased amounts of protein of animal origin and raw, natural ingredients that have not undergone any modification.

However, to products that should not be inside the package, all preservatives, dyes, flavors, and substitutes, such as soy protein, must be included. Sugars and any production waste should also be excluded.

Grain Free Cat Food 2022

It should be noted that high-quality grain-free feed is significantly more valuable and efficient. Even smaller amounts of it can provide the quadrupeds with sufficient nutrients, ensuring a feeling of saturation for a long time.

What grain free food should I choose?

The choice at the moment feed that does not contain grains is enormous. Therefore, choosing the perfect variant for a particular quadruped may turn out to be problematic. So, below are a few suggestions that enjoy the ideal composition and the positive opinions of cat keepers.

Let’s start with a proposal for kittens, i.e., food FITMIN Cat Purity Kittenfor pets up to 12 months of age. Its composition includes, among others, high content of chicken meat, which is a natural and valuable source of protein. What’s more, the formula was enriched with rosemary extract, chamomile, several minerals, and dried goji berries to support the immune system of kittens.

An excellent option for adult cats can be, for example, FITMIN Cat Purity Indoor. This complete food is based on salmon meat, thereby providing your pet with acids omega-3 and omega-6 necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintaining the health of the pet’s skin and hair. In addition, the formula contains alfalfa, supporting the functioning of the digestive tract. Goji berries, including vitamins C, B1, and B2, are noteworthy. They will be an invaluable help for the immune system of the quadruped. An alternative may feed such as TASTE OF THE WILD Rocky Mountain Feline Formula or Farmina N&D Prime Lamb & Blueberry.

However, a product that will work well in older cats is FITMIN Cat Purity Senior. Karma is based on rabbit meat which is extremely easy to digest and deliciously tasty at the same time. The recipe has been additionally enriched with herbs supporting the pet’s digestive processes and clam extract, strengthening the joints.

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