Top 10 Tips to Get the Best Horses For Sale Craigslist Deals

Horses For Sale Craigslist: When you see horses for sale near me on craigslist, it’s tempting to buy one, but don’t rush! When purchasing a horse, the best way to get the best deal is to know where and what to look for. A primary concern of people new to this hobby or those who … Read more

PTSD in Horses: A Roadmap (New 2022)

It wasn’t until I started working with horses that had a lot of tension stored in their bodies that I realized other governing variables needed to be addressed. Before treating horses with PTSD, I had to understand what PTSD was, what triggered its development, and where it may have originated; this was the first step … Read more

The Insider’s Guide To Buying Equestrian Property

You’ll likely find a variety of property options to choose from, including stunning horse ranches and farms. While it is tempting to rush to tour all the potential areas for your new property, we urge you to take time to think about the bigger picture. We have put together this brief guide to help you. … Read more

The Stress and Brain of a Horse: How Horses Process the World Around Them **2022

Stress and Your Horses Brain: Hello again, I’m back today to tell you how we keep moving forward with horses’ work. It is called emotional stress management. Before we discuss emotions and stress management for horses, we must first examine how the brain of your horse works. We can then compare ours with it. First, … Read more

Appaloosa – The Most Beautiful Horse Breed in the World **2022

This was the land inhabited by the Nez PercĂ© American Indians, and it is to their forward-thinking horsemanship and breeding practices that the Appaloosa owes its success. The breed’s origins can be traced back to late 17th-century North America, specifically the vast land area that now includes the U.S. states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. … Read more