How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Like most people, you probably love your cat and want to ensure they are happy and healthy. Cats who live primarily indoors can be just as beneficial as those who live outdoors, but it’s essential to provide them with plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained. This blog post will discuss tips for keeping your indoor cat healthy and happy.

Life is better with our feline friends! According to many organizations of cats, it is said that cats living indoors are generally considered healthier. However, they need special care because their lifestyle can lead to obesity.

That is why we should continuously monitor and care for these feline friends. 

Furthermore, having indoor cats is said to be relatively healthier because the risks of diseases, threats, and predators are less. 

It is up to you whether you want your fur baby to be an indoor or outdoor cat. But with this article, we will guide you through how to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy!

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How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Keep them active!

Having an active lifestyle does not necessarily mean going on a hike or having daily exercise outdoors but having an indoor cat can also have an active lifestyle.

For a healthy and fit body to avoid obesity and other health issues, always make them climb! 

Cats are natural climbers, and they love high places. You can create a generally safe story for cats to sustain their climbing instincts.

The next tip to keep indoor feline friends active is through walking but with a leash and harness. Yes! You have read that right.

It is indeed possible to train your cat with a leash, and of course, with this activity, there must be supervision, especially outdoors on the sidewalks. 

Letting cats with harnesses and leashes ensure they are comfortable and not painful.

You can train them with treats and other tricks to get used to this excellent technique to keep your indoor cats fit and healthy.


Toys are great entertainment and ways to keep your cats healthy and active.

Cats have a natural hunting instinct and are always curious about everything. 

You can provide these indoor fur babies with toys to keep them busy and entertained.

They love ropes and yarns, just like in the movies, but ensure that these toys are not harmful and toxic to them.

Also, you get them puzzles that will train their mental stimulation.

Plus, balls and other stuffed toys to make them more entertained.

There are also climbing toys, grab bars, and other interactive toys. There are also fun lasers to chase. 

Please be warned about toys that contain harmful and dangerous chemicals in them. Ensure that the toys you will provide are pet-friendly and toxic-free.

Moreover, toys are an excellent way for indoor cats to be happy, fit, and healthy.

How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Enough space for your fur baby.

When having an indoor cat, it is vital to ensure that your fur baby has enough space to play, room to sleep, rest, and be busy. Please give them a nook of their own. 

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Spay and Neuter your cats.

Spaying is surgically removing a female cat’s ovaries and uterus. On the other hand, neutering is surgically removing a cat’s testicles.

Spaying and neutering your cats is a great way to help the overpopulation to lessen.

Plus, spaying or neutering your fur babies keeps them healthy and happier.

Spayed or neutered cats have reduced risks of health issues such as developing uterine infections, tumors, and other health conditions.

Pets are also less stressed when they are neutered or spayed. Plus, unwanted kittens or cats can be solved.

So, this is an important reminder, whether your feline baby is an indoor or outdoor cat, make sure to get them neutered or spayed.

Don’t leave your cats alone too much.

Ensure your cat gets interaction daily, and do not leave them alone too much! Keep your indoor cats in the company as much as possible.

Feeding the Feline

Of course, a happy tummy is a happy cat! Make sure always to feed your indoor cats on time and correctly. 

Please give them a certain amount of diet that your veterinarians or cat nutritionists mostly recommend. 

You can either give them table food, cat food, or mixed as long as it is healthy and sustains the digestive needs of your cat.

For training, you can also give them treats as rewards to be more obedient and to have a fun interaction with your fur baby.

A healthy and balanced diet maintains your indoor cat’s good health and well-being.

Please give them a companion.

Pets are generally happier with another companion. Having a buddy to play with is an excellent way to reduce boredom and make your home fun.

Although it can be challenging at first, especially when pets are adjusting and still adapting to a new environment, don’t give up!

Having another cat is a great way to reduce the isolation of your other indoor cat.

If you plan to get another companion for your feline friend, breed similarity is not always at the top of the list. It is necessary, but with pairing cats, try pairing them with similar activities and temperaments.

Get your cat microchipped.

If you have not already, you can always go to your local veterinarian to get your indoor cats microchipped and ensure your contact information is in it.

Get them vaccinated!

Though we have mentioned that indoor cats have lower chances and risks of acquiring diseases and other infections, it is still vital for them to be vaccinated! 

This is beneficial to keep their bodies and immunity to being more muscular.

This is a great way to prevent diseases and infections they could be exposed to, such as feline distemper, rabies, feline calicivirus, and more.

We do not want that! That is why we need them to get vaccinated.

How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Give love and affection to your cat.

A straightforward and priceless way to care for your cat is by giving them the love and affection they deserve!

Isn’t it ironic that the most important thing to make indoor cats happy and healthy does not cost a single dime? Because yes, it is true! 

Make sure to hang out with your cat each day if possible. Give them the affection and attention they need.

Play with them. Pet the fur baby. Make them busy with your love and… toys! 

If you give them love and care, then the return is a thousand times more amazing! 

The support you will give them is priceless, and our feline friends greatly appreciate that. 

No other diamond can compare to the love of a human and a feline friend!

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