Moroccan Carrot Soup: The Effective Remedy For Diarrhea in Dogs (2022)

Every dog owner knows it, but no one wants their dog to be affected. Every dog often suffers from diarrhea at least once in their life. In technical terms, recurring diarrhea is referred to as diarrhea, which can adversely affect your dog’s health.

We have the best solution for complaints in the gastrointestinal tract: Moroccan Carrot Soup. Moroccan Carrot Soup, we will tell you the secret of carrot soup’s healing effect so that your four-legged friend will quickly recover without antibiotics and other chemical drugs.

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The most important, in brief

  • The Moroccan carrot soup is easy to prepare, convenient, and especially helps with the intestinal problems of your four-legged friend.
  • Moroccan Carrot Soup is ideal for a light diet and can be supplemented with other easily digestible foods.
  • To counteract diarrhea in your dog, you can feed Moroccan carrot soup as a light diet, carry out a zero diet, boil the drinking water, and administer charcoal tablets.
  • A disorder causes diarrhea in the intestine triggered by a pathogen on the intestinal wall.
  • Acute diarrhea in dogs usually persists after two to three days. In contrast, chronic diarrhea (diarrhea) lasts longer than two weeks or occurs in episodes (see your vet).
  • Humans can also get infected by the diarrhea pathogen of dogs.
  • Should serve The carrot soup at room temperature.

What is Moroccan carrot soup?

Named the Moroccan carrot soup after Professor Ernst Moro, the former head of the Heidelberg Children’s Hospital. Century the carrot soup against diarrhea diseases in newborns and children. Today, soup is mainly used as a remedy in animal and human medicine.

The Moroccan carrot soup is easy to prepare, convenient, and especially helps with the intestinal problems of your four-legged friend. At the same time, the soup can be fed as a bland diet.

The Moroccan carrot soup consists of carrots, water, and a little salt. Below, you will find the right recipe and everything else about the healing Moroccan carrot soup.

Background: What you should know about diarrhea in dogs

You might think it would be better to see a veterinarian immediately at the first signs of diarrhea. We recommend you stay calm and wait for the feces to develop over the next two days. To avoid sitting idly by, we have solutions ready for you, which should help your dog recover faster (see below). First of all, we would like to explain to you what types of diarrhea there are and what causes the musty, watery feces of your four-legged friend can have. In addition, we will explain when you should visit your trusted veterinarian and how you can best prevent diarrhea in your dog.

How does diarrhea develop in your dog?

A disorder causes diarrhea in the intestine triggered by a pathogen on the intestinal wall. The pathogen usually occurs in the form of bacteria, viruses, or parasites.

There are two types of diarrhea:

  • acute diarrhea
  • chronic diarrhea

Acute diarrhea

Acute diarrhea occurs for a maximum of one to two days, and in most cases, diarrhea in dogs persists after 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about this type of diarrhea; it’s’ best to give your dog a light diet during this time. For example, Moroccan carrot soup is suitable for this.

Acute diarrhea in your dog can have different causes:

  • Your four-legged friend has eaten something that doesn’t get him well. It can be unsuitable food, rubbish from a walk, a feed change, poor quality feed, chemical substances, toxins, etc.
  • Your dog has a gastrointestinal disorder that viruses, bacteria, or parasites can cause. However, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or pancreas can also be a possible cause of digestive tract disease.
  • Your fur nose is affected by external causes that can lead to diarrhea. These include, for example, stress, anxiety, pain, and excitement.

Note: Consult a veterinarian if your dog’s diarrhea persists for more than two days or if he is still a puppy. It will help to make an accurate diagnosis from the beginning and to make the proper treatment methods.

Procedure for acute diarrhea:

If your four-legged friend is healthy and does not show any other symptoms apart from diarrhea, follow the following procedure to protect your pet’s intestines and counteract diarrhea in the next few days.

  1. Let your dog fast for a day.
  2. Make a Moroccan carrot soup.
  3. Feed the soup for two to three days.
  4. Better? Great! Still diarrhea? See your vet!

Chronic diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea is commonly referred to as diarrhea. Diarrhea is regular if it lasts longer than two weeks or occurs in episodes. Often a worming cure, antibiotics, or a bland diet help little or no immediately. If your dog has diarrhea for more than 24 hours, consult your vet.

How do you recognize abdominal pain in your dog?

Most dogs only show symptoms when they are already feeling bad. We have listed the possible signs of diarrhea in your dog here.

  • Slow, stiff movements
  • unusual postures: curved back, supine position
  • sensitive reactions to touch (especially on the stomach)
  • pressed hard when depositing feces

When does your dog with diarrhea have to go to the vet?

It is not always necessary to go to the vet. At the top of the page, we have already explained that it is helpful to wait 24 hours from the first diarrhea symptoms of your dog before you visit a veterinarian.

Sometimes it makes sense to take your dog to the doctor for the following signs.

  • is a puppy and has diarrhea
  • has dry mucous membranes, eyes, or skin
  • Blood-soaked, liquid feces has
  • Abdominal pain has
  • more restless than usual
  • Not eating correctly and drinking
  • vomited several times
  • has more than 40 degrees fever

How can you prevent diarrhea in your dog?

Flatulence, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea are unpleasant symptoms of dog diseases. Most of the time, however, no serious problems are associated with it. Nevertheless, you can focus on a few things to avoid diarrhea and its associated effects.


  • feed two large or several small meals at the same time of day
  • Have dog droppings tested at regular intervals
  • Avoid food from the fridge
  • Clean food and drinking bowl daily
  • no food from the table
  • Slowly getting used to food changes
  • daily fresh, pure water
  • Look out for poisonous plants and bait, and if necessary, leash your dog
  • Do not feed raw meat (pay attention to particularly extensive hygiene when barfing)
  • provide high-quality, easily digestible feed (no dairy products!)
  • Avoid stress
  • Clean your dog’s sleeping place regularly
  • Avoid contact with dogs with diarrhea

Can you infect your dog with diarrhea?

Yes, this is entirely possible because dogs and humans share several viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted from the dog to humans and vice versa. Therefore, if your four-legged friend is ill, you should consider good hygiene. Repeated hand washing, cleaning fabrics that have come into contact with your dog’s feces, and the detailed cleaning of bowls should become mandatory programs.

Even if your dog is entirely healthy, bacteria from your dog can penetrate your body and cause disease. For example, it can be the case if your four-legged friend is a fox tapeworm, salmonella, or giardia carrier. The risk of transmission of giardia types from four-legged friends to humans is currently relatively low.

What to do against diarrhea in dogs: the Moroccan carrot soup as a natural remedy

If you notice diarrhea in your fur nose, it is worth adjusting the food a little in the next few days. So you can take action and do something good for your four-legged friend.

To counteract diarrhea in your dog, you can take specific measures so that he quickly gets fit again.

  • Preparing and feeding Moroccan carrot soup as light food
  • Perform 24 hours diet (zero diets)
  • Boil drinking water
  • Add activated carbon tablets to the feed
  • Give your dog plenty of rest

Treating diarrhea in dogs with Moroccan carrot soup

The Moroccan carrot soup is a healthy and tasty meal for humans and animals. The soup has a healing effect, which is why it is used as a natural home remedy for diarrhea.

Here you will not only learn how to prepare Moroccan carrot soup. We also tell you how the healing soup works and what you should consider when feeding.

Moroccan Carrot Soup is a miracle cure for diarrhea.

Moroccan Carrot Soup: the original recipe

The preparation is simple, fast, and uncomplicated.


  • 500 grams of carrots
  • 1 liter of water
  • A teaspoon of salt (sea salt or iodine)
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Note: During diarrhea, the body loses a lot of fluid, which is why adding salt to the soup is crucial for sufficient water intake. The body can be further impaired if no salt is added to the soup because electrolytes are removed.


  1. Bring a liter of water to a boil in a pot
  2. In the meantime, peel the carrots and cut them into small pieces.
  3. Add the sliced carrots to the heated water and cook for 1 to 1.5 hours.
  4. After the cooking time, puree the stock with the carrots until creamy.
  5. If necessary, fill the carrot porridge with water to a liter (water may have evaporated during cooking)
  6. Necessary: Let the soup cool down and feed it throughout the day.

Tip: The longer the cooked carrots are pureed and crushed, the better germs can be bound and excreted in the intestinal tract.

Tip: You can also supplement the Moroccan carrot soup with other tasty ingredients suitable for a light diet against diarrhea. You can find a list of easily digestible foods below.

How much Moroccan carrot soup to feed?

The Moroccan carrot soup you give your sick darling additionally as a bland food in small portions three to four times a day. The amount for each serving depends on the weight of your dog. The daily soup dose should correspond to about two percent of body weight.

The approximate daily amount of soup:

  • up to 2 kg 0.1-liter soup
  • up to 5 kg 0.25-liter soup
  • up to 15 kg 0.4-liter soup
  • up to 20 kg 0.5-liter soup

Tip: In the fridge, you can keep the Moroccan carrot soup for up to two days; when feeding, you should not serve the soup cold! Therefore, it is essential to heat the soup at room temperature beforehand.

Note: If you want to feed your dog exclusively with Moroccan carrot soup as long as he has diarrhea, we recommend you first consult a veterinarian. You will receive additional minerals and vitamins if necessary, so your dog gets everything he needs.

Moroccan Carrot Soup a grain-free dog food variant

Sometimes, digestive disorders in dogs are also triggered by grains in the feed, which consist primarily of carbohydrates. If your four-legged friend absorbs too many carbohydrates, he can get diarrhea. It is because undigested starch acts osmotically in the colon and draws water. Many dog owners, therefore, resort to grain-free dog food.

Grain-free dog food can be the optimal diet for dogs with the sensitive digestive system. It includes Moroccan carrot soup, which can prevent and eliminate gastrointestinal irritation.

Why does Moroccan Carrot Soup help your dog?

Due to the long cooking time, the carrots released valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In addition, the so-called acids settle on the inner intestinal wall, which prevents diarrhoeal viruses, bacteria, and parasites from settling in the intestine. They are excreted from the intestinal tract without side effects.

Treating diarrhea in dogs with a zero diet

With a so-called zero diet, your four-legged friend only gets water and nothing else for one to a maximum of two days. Nothing, no treats, no liquid food, nothing from the table, and everything else! But why? The intestine should be cleansed entirely so that the immune system is strengthened again, diarrhea exciters are killed, and the intestine can recover. If you are consistent and your four-legged friend absorbs enough liquid, diarrhea should be through after 24 hours.

Tip: The tap water should be boiled in the best case so that the last bacteria are killed and can not harm your dog’s intestines.

Treating diarrhea in dogs with boiled drinking water

If your dog’s intestines are strained, it is helpful to boil the water for the time being before your dog eats it. The bacteria contained in drinking water are not harmful to healthy dogs and humans. Still, in the case of gastrointestinal disease, tap water can further burden the already irritated intestines of your furry nose. Your dog should also avoid dirty water from puddles during this time.

Your dog should drink enough during diarrhea to quickly transport the pathogens out of the intestine.

Treating diarrhea in dogs with activated carbon

Activated carbon or carbon tablets are tablets (or powders) derived from plant components that bind toxins in the intestinal tract, render them harmless, and then excrete them via the feces. So you can give your dog in case of diarrhea also coal tablets. Your four-legged friend’s dosage is best discussed with a veterinarian.

Note: The activated charcoal only helps if it poisons your dog’s gastrointestinal system.

Worth knowing: What else you should know about the Moroccan carrot soup

The most important thing that there is to know about Moroccan carrot soup, you already know. Here we address further questions so you are informed about the famous carrot soup.

Which ingredients are the best for the soup?

Do you want to use only the best ingredients and all the power of carrot soup for your darling? Of course! We have some tips and tricks for you in stock.

  • The carrots should come from controlled, organic cultivation because you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you avoid pesticides in your dog’s feed. On the other hand, you make the world a little better by supporting environmentally friendly agriculture.
  • Do not use plastic bottled water for the water in the soup. Chemical substances from the plastic may be transferred to the water, so use tap water instead.
  • As salt, you can use the ordinary salt that you also use for cooking. Iodized salt, which supports the thyroid gland’s normal function and boosts metabolism, is particularly effective.

Is Moroccan carrot soup suitable for a light diet?

Yes, in any case! Moroccan carrot soup is straightforward to digest. The soup is used to get your dog back to his regular food piece by piece.

Note: Moroccan carrot soup is not suitable as a complete food.

What minerals and trace elements does the Moroccan carrot soup have?

The Moroccan carrot soup can score with many healthy minerals and trace elements. In addition to vitamins C, B1, B2, and E, carrots contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and some beta-carotene. The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

What foods can you add to the Moroccan carrot soup?

There are no limits to your creativity here; you can spice up the Moroccan carrot soup with more food. If your four-legged friend is a unique gourmet, or you want to be creative, add the following foods to the soup and puree if necessary. The listed foods are all suitable for a light diet.

  • Meat broth
  • Chicken or turkey meat
  • Vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, rice, Jerusalem artichoke
  • Fruit: Apples
  • light, low-fat curd cheese, and cottage cheese
  • Flaxseed and oatmeal
  • Honey (use sparingly)

Are carrots raw or cooked better for your dog?

Who has the choice has the agony, but not in this case. Both natural and cooked carrots are very digestible, have a positive effect on the intestines, and can be given to dogs without hesitation. A raw carrot is ideal for cleaning your teeth and keeping your four-legged friend occupied.

Cooked carrots have an antiseptic effect and are excellent for treating digestive problems. Cooking creates sugar molecules that bind pathogenic and diarrhea-causing germs. Subsequently, these can be easily excreted without further complaints about the feces.

Topinambur for your dog as a supplement to Moroccan carrot soup?

Jerusalem artichoke is a slightly nutty and sweet-tasting root vegetable. The vitamin-rich tuber contains insulin, valuable fiber, and especially a lot of vitamin B1, which quickly saturates your four-legged friend and reduces blood sugar intake. In addition, the root vegetable contributes to optimal intestinal flora and healthy intestinal mucosa. Due to its properties, this vegetable complements the effect of Moroccan carrot soup. The root should be boiled and then finely ground or pureed so that the active ingredients can be optimally released and absorbed.

Does Moroccan carrot soup work better than glucose electrolyte solutions?

As the name suggests, a glucose electrolyte solution is an aqueous solution of glucose or glucose, table salt, and electrolytes used to treat diarrhea.

Studies show that Moroccan carrot soup should be more dominant in its effect than the glucose electrolyte solution. Although the hash does not contain much more glucose and table salt, it provides other valuable minerals and trace elements missing in the solution.

Why does Moroccan carrot soup work better than antibiotics?

Antibiotics are used in medicine to kill harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, this drug does not act selectively in the body but also destroys a large part of the benign and vital intestinal bacteria and attacks the intestinal wall. Consequently, it could weaken even the immune system.

On the other hand, Moroccan carrot soup has no side effects, only positively impacts the organism, and counteracts intestinal disorders; why? So-called oligogalacturonide develops through prolonged cooking. This dock, for example, the diarrhea exciters and transport them from the intestine when feces are deposited. In addition, they contribute to the healthy intestinal flora.

Can you also use the Moroccan carrot soup for diarrhea?

Yes, the Moroccan carrot soup is particularly suitable for animals that have diarrhea and humans. Just try it and convince yourself of the healing effect of the soup.


If your dog has diarrhea, the Moroccan carrot soup can help very well. The oligogalacturonide in the soup ensures that diarrhea exciters are excreted with the feces and a healthy intestinal flora is built up. In addition, carrot soup is rich in many vitamins and trace elements, which positively affect the health of your four-legged friend.

There are no difficulties in preparation. Only when feeding is it essential to ensure that the soup is served at room temperature.

If your dog’s diarrhea lasts longer than 48 hours, you should consult a veterinarian and discuss the next steps.

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