Why Does My Dog Side Eye Me?

Why Does My Dog Side Eye Me scaled

Don’t you love how expressive dogs’ faces are? Their little eyebrows seem to communicate so much. The lip that gets snagged on that wayward tooth in a comical grimace. That sideways glance conveys epic levels of shade. What is whale eye in dogs? If you’re not sure what I mean, side-eye, or whale eye, is … Read more

How to Treat Inflamed Gums in Dogs?

Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums in tip-top condition is vital to maintaining their overall general health in good condition, too. Associated with a range of problematic medical conditions, such as heart disease, obesity, food/feeding problems, malnutrition, and more, gingivitis and other gum diseases are preventable with the proper care and attention. How to treat … Read more

Is Dog Agility the Right Activity for Your Furry Friend?

Is Dog Agility the Right Activity for Your Furry Friend

If you’re looking for an activity for your furry friend that is both fun and beneficial for them, dog agility is a perfect choice. It provides physical benefits, enhances mental stimulation, and offers an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your pup. You’ll want to consider a few things before getting started, like your dog’s … Read more

What Does It Take to Succeed in a Dog Agility Competition?

If you are interested in entering a dog agility competition, then there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, there must be a strong bond between the handler and the dog. Success in a dog agility competition requires precise communication and technical skills from the handler and the dog to navigate … Read more

The Beauty of a Corner Fish Tank: A Complete Guide (2023)

Corner Fish Tank

A corner fish tank is a unique and stylish way to add a touch of nature to your home or office. Its triangular shape makes it perfect for any corner, maximizing space while providing a stunning focal point. However, before you rush out and buy one, there are some things to consider to ensure that … Read more

Master the Art of Acclimating Shrimp: A Beginner’s Guide (2023)

Acclimating Shrimp

Acclimating shrimp is crucial in ensuring their successful introduction to a new environment. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarium hobbyist or a beginner, acclimation is a process that cannot be overlooked. Proper acclimation ensures the shrimp can adjust to their new home without experiencing shock or stress. This article will cover the steps to acclimate your … Read more

6 Critical Details About German Shepherd Boxer Mix

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Health Issues and Care Tips For the German Shepherd Boxer Mix: Many owners start with a German Shepherd or Boxer mix puppy. They fall in love with its adorable looks and playful personality but quickly learn the breed is intelligent and loyal. Boxer German Shepherd mixes make great family pets. Here are some of their … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelion Greens? A tasty and healthy treat

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelion Greens?

Yes, rabbits can eat dandelion greens. This leafy green is a great source of vitamins A and C, fiber, iron, and calcium. It also contains some protein. Rabbits love the taste of dandelion greens and they provide many nutritional benefits for your bunny. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly before feeding them to your rabbit.

Can Dogs Eat Buckwheat? Find Out Here! (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Buckwheat?

Yes, dogs can eat buckwheat in moderation. Buckwheat provides a good source of fiber, protein and vitamins for dogs. As with any new food, it is best to introduce buckwheat slowly and in small amounts to ensure that your dog does not have an adverse reaction.

Merle Pitbulls: The Ultimate Companion for Life (2022)

Merle Pitbulls

Merle Pitbulls are known for their striking coat patterns and loyal, loving nature. These dogs are beautiful and make the perfect companion for anyone looking for a lifelong friend. Whether looking for a companion for long walks or a loyal friend to cuddle up with on the couch, a Merle Pitbull will surely bring joy … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Kidney Beans?

Can Dogs Eat Kidney Beans?

It depends on the bean! Many are, in small portions, nutritious for your dog, but not all are safe to feed. Although kidney beans can be a great source of fiber and protein, and some varieties contain valuable vitamins and minerals, they should not be used as a substitute for animal protein. They should also … Read more

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Peaches? – Is it okay to offer peaches

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Peaches?

Whether strawberries, pineapples, or bananas – bearded dragons love fruit, and peaches are no exception. Although they should not eat fruit every day because of the sugar content, it is a nutritious way to sweeten their diet and make them eat greens. Let’s dig deeper into the question: Can bearded dragons eat peaches? Yes, bearded … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Soup? (Homemade)

Can Dogs Eat Soup?

Soup brings variety to the dog bowl and can help with some diseases. Dogs have no significant problems eating their usual food, but like their owners, they love variety. You can give your dog soup, a special dish for the fur nose. It’s best to cook the soup yourself, as this is the only way … Read more