Tips Before You Buy a 125 Gallon Aquarium ** New 2022

125 Gallon Aquarium: A large aquarium will offer stable water conditions that are more consistent than smaller, similarly stocked, and filtering aquariums. If properly constructed, large fish tanks can often be a fantastic addition to your home. Below are some ways to make your tank a great success.

125 Gallon Aquarium Setting

A large aquarium requires more thought than most standard-sized tanks. Remember that a large aquarium requires a lot of space, so it is best to avoid strong sunlight and heavy foot traffic. Access to food and water will also be critical. Also, ensure that you and your visitors have access to a place where they can enjoy calming visualizing.

125 Gallon Aquarium Weight

Giant fish tanks mean massive weight. An empty aquarium of 125 gallons of glass weighs in at 138 lbs. Water weighs around 8 lbs. Each gallon can quickly accumulate, especially if we add coral. The basement is the best place for large aquariums. You can also make it possible for your first floor to be a fish tank. Avoid unnecessary concern and effort by keeping your upper floors free for smaller fish tanks.

125 Gallon Aquarium Stand

For aquariums up to 1500 gallons, pre-made fish tank stands are available. Be sure to consider how high your mindset needs to be to allow you to observe the tank from a comfortable position. However, it shouldn’t overpower the surrounding area. Finally, consider how much room you will need under the aquarium to store any accessories or products you have in mind.

Are you looking for glass or acrylic?

Although acrylic weighs less than glass and is clearer by around 40 percent, it’s often more expensive. Acrylic scratches can easily be removed, while dented glass cannot. Acrylic aquarium manufacturers use acrylics that won’t fade, so acrylic tanks are highly recommended.


Once the aquarium is installed in your home, you will need support to move it indoors. For aquariums over 125gallons, you will need support. However, it can be possible to get help from family and friends. If you move to an aquarium over 125 gallons, you will need reliable friends. Professional service may be required for larger glass tanks. Make sure to plan. You may have to bend and turn for a large tank to be transferred.

125 Gallon Fish Tank Ideas

The bigger the aquarium, the more options you have when deciding what to do with your fish.

So a 125 gallon tank is the best example because it is one of the largest home aquariums on the market.

One hundred twenty-five gallons of water will be enough space to keep a wide variety of fish. It also means that you will be able to support bigger or more territorial fish that aren’t good for small tanks. These are some of the most beautiful fish to put in a tank this size. Bettas, Tetras, and Tangs are some of the best ones.

Many people don’t know that it’s easier to keep more enormous aquariums’ water chemistry in check. The more water there is, the more stable the water parameters become. It is because there is more water.

People of all skill levels can enjoy these tanks, no matter their story.

Many 125-gallon tanks have dimensions of 72W′′ x 18D′′ x 22H′′, but the exact measurements may be different depending on the tank’s shape or brand.

There will be 206 pounds of water in the tank when it’s empty and 1200 pounds of water in the tank when it’s complete.

Choosing the right fish for your aquarium can be a lot of work because tropical species are the most different.

Here are some fish that are good for a 125-gallon tank:

Clown Loach: This kind of Loach is very colorful and likes to live in groups. People say they can grow up to about 12 inches long, and like water, that’s at least 78-87°F.

Fish called Discus can grow to be about 6.5 inches long. They can be kept with many other fish, but the smaller Tetra species are the most common tank mates in most homes.

An angelfish is a Cichlid that can be kept with Plecos and other fish, like Mollies and Platy fish. They are beautiful and can be held together.

Rainbowfish: They are named that because they come in many different colors. They can live with large and small Tetras and Corydoras Catfish in water that is 74-78°F.

There are many different kinds of Neon Tetra, and they are very colorful. They like to be kept in large groups. If you had a tank this big, you could easily save a shoal of up to 100 fish.

There are two types of Bettas: male and female. Male Bettas can be aggressive and territorial. A tank of this size will be big enough to keep either a group of females or a single male fish like Ember Tetras. They are fast and peaceful.

In this case, we’re talking about fish that live on land. They’re going to breed like crazy. It’s because they have been selectively bred. They come in many different colors. Should keep this type of fish with other fish of the same kind.

The Bristlenose Pleco is a fish that eats at night. It would be a great addition to a community tank. It takes 60-80°F water for them to grow up to 5 inches long.

How Much Does A 125 Gallon Fish Tank Cost?

Somewhere between $800 and $3500 will be the price of a new 125-gallon tank.

Another thing that can affect the price of the aquarium is what kind of material it is made out of, like glass. There are two types of aquariums this size: glass and acrylic.

People who buy glass aquariums pay less than people who purchase acrylic aquariums.

Compared to glass, acrylic is very easy to scratch.

In addition, the shape of the fish tank will also play a role in how much it will cost. There are three main types of tanks: rectangular, semi-cylindrical, and even pentagonal aquariums (the most expensive).

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If you had a tank this big, you could easily keep a shoal of up to 100 fish. There are two types of Bettas: male and female. Male Bettas can be aggressive and territorial. A tank of this size will be big enough to keep either a group of females or a single male fish like Ember Tetras. They are fast and peaceful.

Then, how many fish can be kept in an entire reef? If you have a big tank and a lot of different tools, the answer will be different. It has worked well for me to keep eight to nine medium-sized fish in a 120-gallon aquarium with a 50-gallon sump.

Keep your Arowana in a tank that is big enough for it. Arowanas are surface-swimming fish, so your tank's width and length are more important than its height. It's best to keep Arowana in a 150-gallon tank because they increase and become massive adults.

Six to eight weeks is the average time it takes to go through the cycling process.After about eight weeks, if your ammonia and nitrite levels are reasonable, you can add more fish. They should be at the trace level. Do not add any more fish until the ammonia and Nitrite levels have both gone down, and then you can do so.

Bettas can live with guppies and even be good tank mates. The fancy, long-finned guppies won't do as well as their more subdued feeder guppies, and male bettas will likely attack them. It's best to avoid flashy fish with bright colors.

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