Traveling with Pets: 8 Tips to Keep Them Happy

Like most pet owners, you consider your furry friend part of the family. And just like any other family member, you want to take them on your trips whenever possible. But traveling with pets can be tricky – it takes extra planning and preparation to keep them safe and happy.

Traveling with pets can be hectic along with the paperwork, plus preparation can be tedious and needs work.

But, all are worth it when you travel with your fur babies.

They are great companions while traveling; letting them travel will allow them to explore and experience new surroundings and environments. Road trippers; they will get to put out their faces and enjoy the fresh air and wind while on the road.

Our pets deserve all the love and care.

We, fur parents, always try to keep them happy and enjoy themselves; plus, it is essential to let them feel secure and safe.

Especially during travels, keeping our babies happy is essential because that is one purpose of going on a trip, right?

To be happy and enjoy!

Today, we are giving you eight (8) tips and tricks on how to keep your fur babies happy while traveling!

Traveling with Pets: 8 Tips to Keep Them Happy


Keep them busy!

While on the trip, they are mostly stuck with just staring at your face or maybe bored in a seat, or some may be howling and continuously barking from their travel crates or cages because of boredom.

To keep them happy is also to keep them busy while traveling.

For road trippers, you can let your fur babies experience fresh wind and let their faces out because most fur babies, especially dogs, love it.

Rolling your windows down keeps them entertained. You can also let them watch doggie television on your devices.

If you are traveling on air or by sea, you should continuously check on them if they are placed in another area.

Ensure they have toys and their favorite plushies to keep them busy.

You can also put on interactive toys to amuse them on a trip.

One tip is to put treats such as peanut butter on their toys to keep them entertained to avoid boredom.

You can also put their favorite and best chew toy that they genuinely love.

Keep your fur babies active.

Staying in a hotel for several days with your fur babies is unproductive.

So, when traveling, it is essential to keep your pets active.

Let them explore things too! If you are hiking and trekking, you can go to pet-friendly trails for them to be active and busy.

Traveling is also an excellent opportunity for you and your fur baby to have plenty of exercise.

Why not if you want to stroll in national parks and camping sites?

You and your pets can stroll while wandering and exploring things

This activity is also an excellent practice for your pets to socialize with new people and adapt to new surroundings.

Swimming events are also excellent activities for you and your fur babies. If you are on the beach, try playing with them with Frisbees and catch.

There are several ways for your fur baby to stay active on a trip, and it also keeps them happy!

Traveling with Pets: 8 Tips to Keep Them Happy

Make sure accommodations and places are pet-friendly.

Now, this one is significant! Especially when traveling across the state or even the country.

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First, you must check the facilities and places you will book and visit with your pets.

It can be tedious and a hassle when you book just within the day without having to check the facility or place’s pet policy.

It can be hard on your fur baby if the place does not accept pets.

It is essential to let your fur babies enjoy themselves as well, so make sure to check the pet policy first before booking!

Health Check before traveling

A happier, safer, and healthier tip for your babies is to check them with your veterinarian before traveling.

This is important, and you cannot skip this part when traveling with pets, even if you are going to travel on land.

You cannot bring or travel with your fur babies when they are enduring pain or sick, right? We do not want that!

So, keeping them checked with pet doctors before traveling is essential.

Also, when traveling, they must bring their vaccine cards and recent, updated medical records.

A certificate to travel would also be a great receipt to show the authorities that your fur friend is fit to travel.

But overall, it is still essential for your fur babies to get checked before going on a trip.

Health and wellness come first so that they will be happier.

Pack a Travel Kit for Fur Babies

If you have travel essentials, so do our pets.

When traveling, it is also vital to remember their essentials and first aid necessities.

Bring fur clothes to keep them warm when traveling to a cold place.

For visiting a hotter area, try packing a pet-friendly sunblock.

Bring as well medications and a first aid kit. You should also attach contact numbers for contacting local veterinarians in the area you will be visiting, just in case.

Poop bags are also necessary—pet diapers. Portable water bottle. Leash and harness. Toys. Etc.

Traveling with Pets: 8 Tips to Keep Them Happy

Give them food and treats.

Food should not be missed. You should still regularly feed them, even while on a trip.

Giving them treats will also make them extra happy!

APreparinga travel meal plan with your fur baby. is a tip here

You might be going to places from here and there, but it is still essential for your pets to eat and enjoy treats.

Keep them hydrated

Especially when traveling to a sunny and hotter spot, keeping your fur babies extra hydrated. is important

Water is one of the most basic yet essential components when traveling with pets to make them happy.


Just like what we have mentioned earlier, one purpose of traveling is to be happy.

Traveling with your pets can sound like a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it’s so worth it that you would not even mind.

Regardless of where you and your fur baby will be going, your pets need to enjoy it because that is one way they will feel that they are secured, cared for, and most especially loved.

cat in a carrier

Try not to overthink while traveling because going on a trip is not about that but about relaxing and chilling with your fur baby.

Planning and preparation are essential when it comes to traveling with pets. Whether you’re taking a road trip or flying to your destination, these tips will help make sure your pet is safe and comfortable.

By being prepared and considering your pet’s needs, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing they are safe and happy.

Have you ever traveled with your pet? What tips would you add to this list?

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