What’s the good of kissing cats?

Hugging and kissing in communication between people is one of the most significant indicators of love. Unfortunately, cats don’t have the equivalent of kissing behavior that we often show. I mean, cats aren’t exactly the kind of creatures that like to be kissed as we thought. And kissing cats feels nice to people, but it’s not good behavior. Even kissing your cat can have negative consequences for your health. Before we conclude, let’s see if cats like to be kissed.

How do cats feel about being kissed?

Like humans, our mustache friends have their characters. The cat’s genie is the primary factor like cats. Some species, such as an Iranian cat, are calm and harmonious, monocots are independent and stubborn, and hellcats insist on attention. Once you’ve grasped your cat’s character characteristics, you can see that every cat has different reactions and unique behavior, mainly when you observe his habits. I mean, how cats react to being loved is how they are.

Some felines may even return your kisses, hugs, and licks. Hesitation, itching, and biting are all possible reactions in some persons. If you try to kiss any cats and they don’t react, it’s not your fault. None of these behaviors can lead us to a general way that cats like to be kissed or don’t like to be kissed. What needs to be known here is that cats are not familiar with kissing by nature. If your cat tries to kiss her, she runs away, puts her ears back, swings her tail fast, and hisses, then she doesn’t like to be kissed. If a cat doesn’t react to being kissed, I assure you it’s tolerating you. So it’s not appropriate to force cats to kiss. If your cat replies to your kiss by licking you, he knows he’s loved. But it can be dangerous for your health to do this often.

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Why shouldn’t we kiss cats?

To kiss a cat, you must have a very close relationship. When you perform the kissing behavior that should be perceived as the last way to show your love to your cat, it may infect germs and bacteria in your cat. And the bacteria that are found in cats’ mouths and feet, especially when we kiss them, can pass on to us.

When you think about the food your cat eats and its consumption, you realize it’s a severe problem for you to kiss your cat from the mouth. Flies and insects entering the house with wet food are food your cat is dying to eat. So microorganisms around cats’ mouths that don’t hurt them can hurt us.

Cats step on everything we print during the day and travel through areas of many microorganisms, such as toilets, sinks, and dusty shelves. Therefore, dust, dirt, and bacteria can accumulate on their paws. Even if your cat cleans up regularly, kissing his paws risks your health.

In summary, you shouldn’t kiss your cat’s face and paws. For the rest of them, it’s only fitting that you look at your cat’s reaction and don’t force it to kiss it. If you want to kiss your cat, you shouldn’t give the nutrients we consume except for the quality cat food and neglect the internal parasitic vaccines and the external parasitic drugs. Also, regular brushing the cats with hair care prevents you from ingesting hair while kissing them. Because parasites and bacteria can stick to cats’ feathers, and when you kiss your cat, you can be exposed to these bacteria and parasites.

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